Information for Tutors


Are you high school-age or older and interested in tutoring?


Makes a great part-time job for college-bound students and looks great on the applications too!!!

Using the reading lesson is so easy even a child can do it.

Please contact us and we will help you set up a tutoring business with The reading Lesson and Verbal Math books.


Completion certificate


Finished the Reading Lesson book?


Write to us with child's name, your mailing address and you will get a custom certificate just for your child.

All we ask in return is that you post a little video or photos on the web. Thank you.



Your child doing the Reading Lesson or Verbal Math

May we ask you to post a review of whatever product you have purchased on Amazon, or any of favorite blog. Send us a link of your review, and we will send you a coupon worth $25, good at our website.


Software issues


You get an error that says file  MSVCRT.dll or MSVCR71.dll can not be found.

Errors related to msvcrt.dll can arise for a few different different reasons. For instance, a faulty application, msvcrt.dll has been deleted or misplaced, corrupted by malicious software present on your PC or a damaged Windows registry.


Additional details about msvcrt.dll

The msvcrt.dll file is a part of the "Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0" and is crucial for most applications to work properly. It also contains program code that enables applications written in "Microsoft Visual C++" to run properly.


To fix this error and to use our program, you are going to have to add this file back to your system!


Download here.

File 1 - MSVCRT.dll

File 2 - MSVCR71.dll


Go to your hard drive, usually called C drive. In side is

Programs Files (x86) > Giggle Bunny's Reading Lesson folder.

Drag the file inside this folder.

Program should work fine now.




Privacy policies


We never sell or share your information with anyone. We do use an external website at and to host our ecommerce sites.


Other information

• The PDF downloads will work with all Windows and Mac.

• The two animated programs, Giggle Bunny’s Reading Lesson and the Giggle Bunny’s Storybook work only on Windows 7, 8 and 10, and 11.

• The Kindle version of the Reading Lesson (in full wonderful color) from Amazon will work on the iPad, if you have the Kindle App. It works very well on the iPad.

• You may re-download your purchased software (up to two times)  for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

• If it has been more than one year since purchase, we are unable to send you a new download. May we ask that you purchase a new copy of the software.


• We no longer sell the software on Cds.


• We usually upgrade our software each year, as operating systems requirements are changing continuously. As the software is already so low priced, we ask your understanding in this matter. - Thank you.

• The download for Windows is usually saved in your Downloads Folder. If for some reason you need to reinstall the program, please go to the executable version in your Downloads Folder. When replacing your computer, be sure to copy all your saved downloads to the new computer.

• We  accept returns for all books and physical products if mailed back within 30 days.


• Downloaded products are NOT RETURNABLE nor REFUNDABLE. Please make sure that you indeed want this product before purchasing. Nearly all our products have been available as downloads for over 15 years and work flawlessly.


• If you experience problems with running the software, please contact us and we will try to provide help to fix the issue.


• All book downloads are sold in pdf file type which allow home users to print as many copies as you like for your home use.


• Public and private schools, please ask for school use prices.


• Our animated programs do not connect to the INTERNET nor send any information back to us. We respect your privacy and our software contains no adware, malware, or spyware.


• We may occasionally (very infrequently) email you regarding your order, an upgrade or a new product. We do not bombard customers with emails and never have nor ever will sell or rent our customer list to anyone.