Giggle Bunny with small Reading Lesson package


The Reading Lesson Book and the animated program (a download)


Less is more: Busy pages do not work well for younger children. The book pages look deceptively simple. We have done that on purpose. This is the only way to help a child focus. Your child can color these pages for added fun.


This 444 page book contains twenty¬†lessons.¬†Each lesson is approximately 20 pages and can be finished in approximately one to two weeks. You will need to work with your child about 15 to 20 minutes a day.  The software which has animated game-like content should be done with the parent/teacher present to guide the child. Most children become very fond of the Giggle Bunny.




Sample lessons on the Goodies pages.


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The Reading Lesson animated program is a must-have companion for teaching your child to read. Younger children like the excitement of animation and interactivity. This downloadable program is choke full of activities and games that entertain and teach.


See additional screen shots from the animated program here....




Teach Me Handwriting eBook


This is a companion product to The Reading Lesson. It offers you endless supply of practice pages to help your child learn handwriting skills along with the reading. This a download, included in all packaged sets.


Please note that this is a different product from the Writing Lesson.


 See sample pages from Teach Me Handwriting.