Nina Levin - Nina is the CEO of the company. She does most of the important management stuff, like marketing, financial management, product design, coding, development and keeping our little (students) and big customers(parents)  happy. (And we hope you are happy! If not, do let us know, ASAP.)


Nina is the very first graduate of The Reading Lesson.  Michael and Charan actually created this book initially to teach her to read.   In fact, she took to the book so well that she taught her younger brother to read. In this video you can see the six year old Nina teaching her younger brother, 5 years old Victor, to read.


Nina started tutoring of the reading Lesson at age 7. She taught several children on our street to read and got paid to do it! $1 per hour.  


The Reading Lesson is so easy, even a six year old can teach it.

Michael Levin - Michael just recently retired form his very busy child psychiatry practice in San Ramon. He is now devoting most of his time helping Nina with product development.


Michael is a physician/specialist in child development. This book came about due to his interest in child development while he was doing his training at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute on child development.

Charan Langton - If you have not figured it out already, Charan and Michael are married and Nina is their daughter. Charan is an engineer. She recently retired from her job at Loral, where she was a Distinguished Engineer, to work with Nina in developing this business. Charan does all the technical stuff like coding, as well as answering emails.


For software issues, you will probably be talking to her.


Victor Levin - Victor, Nina' younger brother, works for  Apple Computer, is busy 18 hours a day but still helps us when he can with coding and technical issues. He was the second child to ever complete this course.


Victor went to UCSB and to Georgia tech and like his mom, is an electrical engineer, specializing in signal processing and rf engineering. Victor and Charan have written a very brainy book on Fourier Analysis - which you can see here.

Corporate headquarters Nah! In our dreams!  The real one is a garage. ->

Nina Levin, CEO Mountcastle Company
Michael Levin, M.D.
Charan Langton
Victor Levin
Staff at Mountcastle Company

Our hard working staff, Tony and Sophie. Mostly, they lie around, but thankfully their pay is not too high.

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