The Reading Lesson book

  • This is our main  book. it is the most inexpensive way to teach your child to read. it is clean and totally non-intimidating, both for you the parent and the child.  There are 20 lessons, each is approximately 20 pages. We suggest you do only 2-3 pages per day for children under 4, and only 3-4 pages for older children.
  • Each lesson introduces certain letters (or what we term phonic sounds) and a limited vocabulary of new words.
  • Our approach combines phonics and key word recognition to build fluency.
  • Special symbols are used to help child remember sound units and hard to distinguish letters such as b and d.
  • Developmentally appropriate uncluttered pages.
  • Can be also purchased as an ebook, in full color or in color.
  • Amazon Kindle version can be used on an iPad and looks and works great.

The Reading Lesson CD-ROM

  • This is a must have companion to the Reading Lesson. This animated program follows the 20 lessons in the book and teaches sounds of the letters, blending and reading.
  • Goggle Bunny shows child how to blend to read new words
  • Games and typing help inference new words from each lesson
  • Compatible with Windows 10. Also available as a download.

The StoryBook CD-ROM

  • This CD contains small stories for your child to read.
  • Most of these stories are interactive.
  • Words  can be clicked to sound out.
  • Interactive elements reinforce words learned.
  • Available in a CD-ROM (Windows only) or as a download.

The Writing Lesson CD-ROM

  • Your all in one handwriting practice book.
  • Contains letters, numbers, and words in three handwriting style: Primary, Script and Cursive.
  • You never need buy another handwriting book.
  • Just print pages and use them as often as your child needs.
  • It is not an interactive program! it more like an eBook, whereas the StoryBook and the Reading Lesson CD are both highly animated fun programs.


Book teaches advanced vocabulary to younger children

Big Words for Little kids (165 page book)

  • This a physical book suitable for children who have completed the Reading Lesson.
  • Our goal is help your child develop his vocabulary.
  • Using the classical approach, this book teaches simple root words and from there introduces and teaches words base don those roots.
Learning math without those awful worksheets
Learning math without those awful worksheets

The Verbal Math Lesson Books - Primary grades


Math worksheets can be pain. We think they are awful. Do math verbally, mentally, however you want to call it, and make math fun for the child. No more sitting in front of worksheets with a pained look! You will never have to worry about your children hating math again.



Mental Math Fractions ebook
Mental math - Metric conversion

The Verbal Math Lesson for Higher grades


Can one learn to do fractions mentally? Yes. We show you how. All three of these books are in electronic eBook format.

They use the mental math approach to teach fractions, percents, metric calculations and beginning algebra word problems.


If your child goes through these books, he or she will have nothing to worry about the math part of the PSAT, SAT or any other college entrance exam! Math fluency in a just a little book.