Issue 1: You have installed the StoryBook or the Reading Lesson and it does not seem to run or give errors.


This is due to the security settings on your computer.
Please  allow the program to run in administrator mode.
Here is how to do that.

(These instructions also apply to The Reading Lesson program.)

First go to the Start menu on the left corner of your computer, what they call the Windows Start button. Click on it.

Here you will see, under letter G, the Giggle Bunny StoryBook program Menu.




Now right click (be sure it is right click) on the Giggle Bunny's StoryBook, the Bunny icon.


You will get a popout like this with More in the middle. Go to More > which then flows you to


an another pop out box. From here click on run as administrator

Now you will get this box.



From now you should be able to run the program it without permission.

Please do let me know if this did the trick.


You may want to see this example also, if the process is not clear.

Note: we are in the process of getting Certified Publisher status.
There are no virus or adware in our software.